July (july-eye) is the month in the heart of Summer and also in ours!

Summer is the season that fills our heart with joy and happiness!
We all have childish memories of summer. Photographs we have taken,  souvenirs we bought from places we traveled!
Most of our summer photographs, are in the beach with friends, wearing big smiles and a pair of our favorite sunglasses!
Different colors, designs and trends but still, our favorites! Even in the photos in ski resorts and chalets, during Spring and Autumn! Sunglasses are a special aspect of style for everyone!
We know that and that’s why we want to give you the chance to stand out just by wearing our glasses and your smile! That’s how Juleye was created! It is a fresh playful and adorable aesthetically sunwear brand.
It aims to elevate your style and make you feel unique.
Each pair of sunglasses is high quality and protect you from sun rays.


All eyes on you..!

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